Yes De-Lux

Yes Standard

  • This variant is vacuum cleaned and sieved free from small particles
  • These bales weigh a little less but contain more volume
  • A coarser litter
  • Used for i.a. animal clinics because it is important that it is completely dust free.
  • Fits very well for poultry where it is extra important that the litter does not pack too hard, which can then lead to mold and fungus.
  • Gives an airy and fluffy result
  • Consumption: 1.5-2 bales a week. (3 bales to fill a box of 3x3 square meters)
  • Good absorbency
  • The quality that most farmers and horse customers know
  • This variant is dust separated, otherwise it is the same product that comes from the planer.
  • Easy to suction
  • The weight of the bales may vary depending on the structure of the chip.
  • Consumption: 1.5-2 bales a week (3 bales to fill a box of 3x3 square meters)
  • Agricultural litter is an extra fine litter with only small particles and is completely sieved from cutters.
  • Very good absorbency
  • Lie still in the stall and reduce the risk of lying down
  • We have noticed that those who use agricultural litter are very satisfied and love that type of litter.
  • For those who use rubber mats in the box feel that this type of litter is still in a better way in the box
  • Delivered in bales of 23-25 kg
  • Consumption: 1.5-2 bales a week. (3 bales to fill a box of 3x3 square meters)
  • Pelleted shavings
  • 16 kg / bag, 52 bags per pallet
  • Provides a light and fresh bed
  • Easy to suction and gives a smaller amount in the fertilizer stock
  • Reminiscent of raw shavings
  • This type of pellet should be watered. About the same amount of water as pellets
  • May need to be watered regularly
  • To fill a box, about 1 sack per square meter is required
  • Need to be filled with about 1-2 bags per week per box
  • With this variant you save money as the manure stack is not filled as quickly

Yes Pellets

Yes Agricutural