We offer a variety of loading styles to best fit our customers’ needs. Based on product, offloading capabilities, and end user preferences, we are able to provide several options of loading configurations. Each configuration is based on the bale type and packaging and has been optimized to maximize volumes and maintain the quality and integrity of our products.

Loading Configration
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gallery/3tie_flat stack 6 highx320w
gallery/3tie_flat stack 7 highx320w
gallery/minibale_straight loadx320w

YÜKYEM personnel meticulously coordinate every customer order through booking, storage, quality control, processing, and transportation. Mersin and İstanbul ports serve as the gateway for our containerized hay products. Our staff facilitates all logistical movements and tracks these movements to assure smooth delivery to our customers throughout the world. Whether an order is large or small Anderson is committed to top of the line service and quality to meet the end user's needs.